in office or remote in florida or colorado


who are we looking for

We are currently looking for software engineers who know how or would like to learn how to apply their knowledge to solve real-world problems.

We know our most valued assets are our people and we believe in setting them up for success. From inception feature[23] has prioritized building an awesome culture where our team can excel and love coming to work. We’re always looking for professionals who want to work in a supportive, challenging and engaging environment where they can advance the state of their art.

Who we are

feature[23] is a collection of people passionate about the design, development and maintenance of custom software products. We're sincerely dedicated to the craft of software development but also subscribe to the idea that we should act like a profession. In that regard, we associate strongly with a "software engineering" mindset, not just software development or programming. We believe deeply in research, learning and professional development. Mentoring and team dynamics are an important part of who we are. Further, our entire company is designed to solve problems for our clients by way of our collective "state of the art". We're best known for our preparation, professionalism and dogged attitude for building the right software.

What your job entails

  • Love to research new concepts, tools, frameworks, and paradigms used to build real software products
  • Understand the importance of discipline, following through, and getting the job done
  • Accept that technology is forever-changing and we must maintain state-of-the-art (SOTA)
  • Work well on a team and look forward to the collaborative process associated with software development
  • A sincere interest in software process and the mechanics of better software delivery
  • A genuine interest in all platforms, not just web or mobile